Dr. Amirhoushang Bahrami


During my first PhD in Mechanical Engineering, my research mainly focused on the dynamics and mechanical properties of the cell and cellular membranes. I continued my scientific career working on self assembly of nanostructures at the membrane interface during my second PhD in soft matter physics in TUBerlin and Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces. I then joined Max Planck Institute of Biophysics to investigate active membrane dynamics induced by proteins and the cytoskeleton, which got me interested in the newly emerging field of active membrane dynamics. Enjoying an interdisciplinary background in Engineering and theoretical physics I am interested in employing theoretical modelling and simulation techniques to investigate membrane remodelling in cellular and biological proceses, shaping the cell and cellular organelles, drug delivery, designing nanostructures for synthetic biology applications, and active protein/cytoskeleton induced processes.    

Selected Publications

Arash Bahrami, Amir H. Bahrami
Vesicle constriction by rings of Janus nanoparticles and aggregates of curved proteins
Nanotechnology (2019)
J. Schoeneberg, M. R. Pavlin, S. Yan, M. Righini, l. Lee, L. Carlson, Amir H. Bahrami, D. H. Goldman, X. Ren, G. Hummer, C. Bustamante, J. H. Hurley
ATP-dependent force generation and membrane scission by ESCRT-III and Vps4
Science (2018)
Amir H. Bahrami, T. R. Weikl
Curvature-mediated assembly of Janus nanoparticles on membrane vesicles
Nano letters (2018)
Amir H. Bahrami, Gerhard Hummer
Formation and stability of lipid membrane nanotubes
ACS nano (2017)
Amir H. Bahrami, M. G. Lin, X. Ren, J. H. Hurley, G. Hummer
Scaffolding the cup-shaped double membrane in autophagy
PLOS computational biology (2017)
Amir H. Bahrami
Orientational changes and impaired internalization of ellipsoidal nanoparticles by vesicle membranes
Soft matter (2017)
Amir H. Bahrami, R. Lipowsky, T. R. Weikl
Tubulation and aggregation of spherical nanoparticles adsorbed on vesicles
Physical review letters (2012)
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