Dr. Amirhoushang Bahrami
Amirhoushang Bahrami
Gauss Fellow

Phone: +49 551 5176-158
Room: 1.57

Membrane Biophysics: Theory and Simulations

We use theoretical modelling and simulations to understand active and passive membrane remodelling in cellular and biological processes.

Membrane morphology and its dynamic remodelling are crucial to several cellular and biological processes. How viruses, nutrients, and drug containers gain entry into the cell and how proteins, the cytoskeleton, and trasprorters induce cellular processes and actively shape cellular organelles, is determined by membrane dynamic reorganization. We use theoretical analysis as well as Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations of different coarse-grained membrane models to understand how membranes dynamically change their shapes, interacting with proteins and the cytoskeleton, and how they form their structures subject to material exchange by transporters and channels, and area growth by lipid synthesis and membrane fusion.
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