Mazza Gruppe


In our research group we peek our heads at and beyond the frontiers of nonequilibrium physics in a variety of systems: from microorganisms forming biofilms, or flocks of birds self-organizing, to nonequilibrium transitions in granular materials, or the influence of hydrodynamics on topological defects, and more. We use theoretical and numerical methods to study transitions, structure formation and dynamics in these systems.

Active Swimmers

We investigate with a range of models and techniques the physics of life. From bacteria swimming in complex geometries, to birds moving in concert.

Granular Matter

A simple pile of sands contains a nearly endless number of collective states, patterns and nonequilibrium transitions. We study driven and freely cooling systems as a paradigmatic example of nonequilibrium physics.

Liquid Crystals

Liquid crystals are today ubiquitous in the display technology, but they exhibit fascinating physics. We explore the interface between hydrodynamics, topological defects and phase transitions in nematic, smectic and cholesteric phases.

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