Welcome to the theory group on turbulent flows at MPIDS!

visualization of a turbulent velocity field from a computer simulation Zoom Image
visualization of a turbulent velocity field from a computer simulation

Fully developed turbulence constitutes a paradigm of a complex system with a large number of strongly interacting degrees of freedom far from equilibrium. Despite its omnipresence and relevance in nature and engineering, a comprehensive understanding of turbulent flows remains elusive. The aim of the research group is to contribute to our understanding of turbulent flows by means of statistical theories and numerical simulations. Besides studying fundamental aspects of turbulent flows, we furthermore transfer most recent theoretical concepts to neighboring fields such as turbulent convection, atmospheric turbulence and wind energy conversion.

Research Topics

  • fundamental aspects of turbulence: statistical theories, particle transport, space-time structure of turbulence
  • environmental flows: turbulent convection, atmospheric boundary layers, wind energy conversion
  • high performance computing: spectral methods, parallelization, visualization
  • non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and stochastic models (kinetic equations, closure problem)
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